Custom Cross Hatchings

Is there a way to cross-hatch (Xhatch) a section in which the hatching is something other than lines? I would like to have circles or other shapes repeated in my cross-hatching.


I do not know how to add circles as part of the pattern. You can however create additional cross sections. Go to MOD XHATCH and retrieve one of the existing patterns. You can add/delete lines as well as modify the font and weight. When you finish, select Save, type the name of the pattern and hit Enter. The pattern will be saved in your working directory. After saving it, you can move it to the crosshatching directory. If you want to keep your custom patterns separate from the defaults, create a new folder and add the following line to your configuration file: pro_crosshatch_dir path. You can also assign crosshatch patterns automatically to a cross section. In your part, assign a material by selecting Set Up >Material >Define or Assign. (We utilize a material library). Name your crosshatch files to correspond with the material names. If the system finds a pattern with the same name as the material (without the .xch extension), it automatically assigns it to the cross-hatch section.