Default Decimal Places in Drawing Mode

Configuration Options:

default_ang_dec_places             1, value (2 through 14)

Specifies the number of decimal places shown in angular dimensions in a drawing.

default_dec_places                     value (default = 2 for non-angular dimensions)

Sets the default number of decimal places (0-14) to be displayed in all model modes for non-angular dimensions. It does not affect the displayed number of digits of dimensions as modified using Num Digits. The number of decimal places of dimensions created in Sketcher is controlled by the option ``sketcher_dec_places.''

default_dim_num_digits_changes        yes, no

Sets the default number of digits displayed in a dimension to the last entered value. If you set this option to ``no,'' the system defaults to the value specified for the configuration file option ``default_dec_places.''

sketcher_dec_places                            value (default=2)

Sets the default number of decimal places displayed for dimensions in Sketcher. The extrusion depth or any other dimension you enter to create 3D geometry is controlled by the ``default_dec_places'' option.


The number of decimal places for created dims is controlled in the drawing. Whatever you change your num digits to is the number of digits it creates all following dimensions with.

Showing 4 place dimensions at 3 places will round them and force regeneration.

Created dimensions can be rounded with no ill effect.