Determining the Accuracy of an IGES File

When importing an IGES file into Pro/ENGINEER, it is recommended to set the accuracy in Pro/ENGINEER the same as the accuracy in the IGES file. To do this, the accuracy of the IGES file must first be determined.

 First, open the IGES file in a text editor.

The accuracy of an IGES file is contained within the Global header section.

This section can be identified by the letter "G" at the end of each line (in the 73rd


The following is an example of an IGES file header:

1H,,1H;,6HBLOCK2,12Haccuracy.igs, G 1

49HPro/ENGINEER by Parametric Technology Corporation,7H2000030,32,38,7, G 2

38,15,6HBLOCK2,1.,1,4HINCH,32768,0.5,13H000426.095310, 0.0234, 234., G 3

9Hlatkinson,7HUnknown,10,0,13H000426.095310; G 4

The accuracy is the 19th paramter in the global header section, where parameters are separated by a comma.

In this example, the accuracy is 0.0234.

Note: The global header will be different when the IGES file is created from other software packages. However, the accuracy will always be in the same position as the above example