Exploded Views Frequent Asked Questions

Why does a subassembly explode when the top-level assembly is exploded?

By default, subassemblies explode when the top-level assembly is exploded. The top-level assembly can be modified to specify which subassemblies and which parts within the subassembly to explode by selecting Modify, Mod Expld, Expld Status. Select Toggle Expld from the EXPLD STATUS menu and pick the components in the Model Tree that are not to be exploded (changing the value to Unexploded). 

How can exploded views show the axes of the explosion?

This functionality is not currently implemented in Pro/ENGINEER. However, datum axes can be created using one of several available methods. The type of datum axis to use will depend on the specific situation. 

How can an exploded view be saved to a named view?

Exploded views can be saved to a name by exploding the assembly, then selecting View, Saved Views, and then Save a new name. When an exploded view name is retrieved, the assembly can be unexploded using View, Unexplode