How are ordinate dimensions created?

  Ordinate dimensions are created by first creating or showing a linear dimension to use as a baseline reference.

After creating or showing the linear dimension, choose Create, Dimension, Ordinate, Create Bases, select the standard dimension and then select one of its witness lines to use as a baseline reference (this will appear in the format ".00").

Next, choose Create Dims from the ORD MAKE menu, select the baseline created in the previous step and then select the geometry to dimension to (use the middle mouse button to place the dimension).

To convert existing linear dimensions to ordinate dimensions, select Modify, Dim Params, Dim Type, Ordinate Dim, Create Base and select a linear dimension along with one of its witness lines to be the baseline origin.

The MOD DIM TYPE menu will now default to Lin to Ord and any dimensions with witness lines falling on the origin of this baseline can be selected for conversion to ordinate type dimensions. 

Keep in mind that both the baseline and ordinate dimension must be stored in the same model (part, assembly, or drawing).

For example, a shown linear dimension used to create the baseline can not be used as a baseline for draft dimensions (dimensions of type &add or &dd).