Importing AutoCAD sketches to a Cosmetic Feature

Original Question:

I have a logo overlay which is currently in AutoCAD that I want to place on a part with a cosmetic

feature.  Currently, I import the AutoCAD sketch (DXF file) into a Pro/E drawing, export the drawing

model as an iges file, and then I import (& append to model) the iges file in part mode to make the

Cosmetic feature. This works, however the sketch section is extremely large (7MB section file) and it

takes forever for the part to regenerate.  Is there a better way to do this?


1) Create a symbol for the logo.

2) Convert the logo into a True Type Font.

3) Clean up the imported geometry as much as possible. Look for lines made up of many short segments

and lines on top of each other. Create splines to replace many short arcs. Try to use as few entities

as possible. This will all help in reducing the section size.

4) Instead of creating an IGES file an appending it to the model, use COPY DRAW in Sec Tools. This

saves you a step.

5) Import the IGES file as a datum curve rather than a cosmetic section. Feature, Create, Datum,

Curve, From File. You need to reference a co-ordinate system for the placement of the datum curve.

Much faster regeneration since the datum curve isn't actually regenerated.  Draw back is that you can

not HATCH the logo.

6) Making the cosmetic feature Read Only will also help regeneration times.