Instance to generic on drawing

While you have abc.drw in memory:

Open generic.prt

Edit the family table for generic.prt

Remove the row for abc in the family table

Save generic.prt

Save abc.drw

What you get:

Drawing generic.drw uses model generic.prt

Generic.prt does not contain instance abc

Drawing abc.drw uses stand-alone model abc.prt


To make an instance stand alone:

call up instance

call up instance drw

call up assy using instance

call up generic

erase table from generic

exit generic - don't save

rename instance - save - check it's not an instance anymore

click in assy window - save

click in drw window - save

In your case, you want the drawing to reference the generic instance instead. I think you can replace the model in the drawing: views, drw models, replace.

Pick the generic.  I don't think you will lose any dims this way.  If you want

to get rid of the instance in the generic, just delete the family table.

With the drawing of the instance 'In Session'(as well as any assy models that reference the instance), just #Delete the 'Row' that contains the name of the instance from its generic's 'Family Table'. Then 'Save' the table edits, 'Save' the generic, and then 'Save' the drawing and any assembly models that reference the instance that you broke free from its generic. To be safe, I'd also perform a #Regenerate #Automatic on the assembly model(s)

before saving them.

NOTE: The system will issue a message stating that INSTANCE_NAME is no  longer table driven when you perform the above-described 'instance deletion' operation.

Afterwards, you could delete the generic if the instance that you broke free was the only instance of the part family that was referenced by drawings and assembly models.