! Large Assembly Settings Config Pro

! System cancels the auto update

auto_regen_views no

! Compressed files take longer to save

compress_output_files no

! No model view appears until one is selected

disp_trimetric_dwg_mode_view no

! View initiallly displayed without datums or silhouette edges

display_in_adding_view minimal_wireframe

! System displays only model tree, as picked they are brought into memory

! Pro/Process Only

display_comps_to_assemble no

! No silhouette edges works with wireframe only

display_silhoutte_edges no

! Retrieve drawings in wireframe only

force_wireframe_in_drawings no

! Reduced plot time

interface_quality 0

! Level of Detail in shaded models

lods_enabled yes

! Prevents overlap of menus which causes repaint

menu_horizontal_hint right

! No regen backup

regen_backup_using_disk no

! Display is saved in memeory

retain_display_memory yes

! Drawing Mode: Speeds up retrieval of drawing

save_display yes

! Mode of model spinning

spin_control click

! No datums visible while spinning

spin_with_part_entities no

! How edges from tangent surfaces are displayed

tangent_edge_display no

! Windows will not overlap Pro/E (no repaint)

thermo_position_hint no_window_overlap

! Does not create Bitmap File (Bitmap overloads on save)

save_bitmap none


! Datums & Environment

display_coordinate_sys no

datum_display no

datum_point_display no

datum_point_tag_display no

axis_display no

spin_center_display no

display wireframe