Mass Property and Instances

Mass property values do not automatically update for family table instances when the relation =mp_mass("") is added to the family table.

Alternate Technique

Select #Info, #Mass Props while in the instance to calculate the mass property information. Then select #Info, #Regen Info, #Beginning, #Quit to force the instance to regenerate and evaluate the relation.


To have the mass property information update automatically, perform the following procedure, which will require the creation of an assembly and a drawing.

1) In the generic part, select #Info, #Mass Props to calculate the mass properties.

2) Enter the relation to evaluate the mass properties: "=mp_mass("")." This must be done through relations so that the value can be updated.

3) Add to the family table.

4) Create an assembly and include each instance of the part. The components do not have to be fully constrained.

5) Edit the assembly Pro/PROGRAM to force Pro/ENGINEER to calculate the mass properties for each part after regeneration. This is accomplished by entering: "PART " for the generic part and each instance in the MASSPROP-END MASSPROP section.



PART block

PART block_1

PART block_2


6) To update the instances, select #Regenerate, #Automatic to regenerate the assembly and update the mass properties for each instance.

Optional Steps:

7) To further automate the process, a drawing can be created that includes both the generic part and

the assembly. Views do not need to be created of the assembly.

8) Set the Active Model to be the assembly and select #Regenerate, #Model to calculate the mass properties, based on the Pro/PROGRAM.

9) Set the Active Model back to the generic part and create a table with a 2D repeat region.

Then select #Table, #Repeat Region, #Update Tables to view the results.