Model tree with narrow width on 2000i2

Original question:

The model tree is loaded to the left with a narrow width.

I saved its settings to and to tree.cfg with no luck.

So after opening every part, I have to drag the model tree to

the desired width.

Solution to the problem:

After reading through all the responses and some more, I was able to

correct the problem.

This is what you need to do:

You need both files and tree.cfg

First setup the model tree the way you want it using:

View, Model Tree Setup

Now you need to save these settings, but life can't be that easy so the

Save menu is not here but under: Utilities, Model Tree Settings, Save/Load

Save the tree.cfg to your loadpoint and modify the by adding:

mdl_tree_cfg_file    <location with complete path and tree.cfg>

Now go to Utilities, Customize Screen and select the Options Tab

Under the Default Model Tree Settings, Move the Width Slide Bar to the width needed.

Click on Apply Settings.

Save the to your loadpoint. (Not to your working dir.)