Piping Centerline Elimination in Detail Mode

The process is very simple to set up and is automated so you do not have to pick any piping features and put them on a layer. Make sure you follow these direction to the letter.

1) You will need to add a the line below  to your config.pro:

def_layer layer_nogeom_feat  8_no_geometry_features

You may change the number "8" to any number that fits your standards.

Note: Don't add this to your config.sup

2) Add this option to your config.pro: "pipe_solid_centerline no". The green line will not be present in a piping solid. You can activate the solid pipe center line by selecting any part of the solid pipe. As you know this will allow you to redefine the piping segments. Optionally, you can make a mapkey to turn this option on or off.

3) You should use a template file when making the solid pipe. If you don't have any special needs just use the default solidpart template.

4) You need to change an option in you Pro/detail "config.dtl" file. You can access this in detail mode by going to advanced/drawing setup. Modify this

option: "hlr_for_pipe_solid_cl yes". The default is no so change it to yes. This removes the yellow center line.

5) Now create the drawing. Bring in the piping part or assembly. Open the layers ( in detailed mode) and blank "8_no_geometry_features". You are done.

6) Don't waste your time creating/placing the piping on a layer in part or assembly mode You only need to blank the layer in detail mode!!!! You can control the green line in any other mode than detail by changing the config.pro option "pipe_solid_centerline".