Previously saved with display

The screen display of an object may be saved with a drawing by setting the option 'save_display' to 'yes' or by checking the "Save Disp" box in the Environment menu.

This can speed the retrieval of the drawing. When the drawing is retrieved the message window will have the message "Previously saved with display". If the drawing was not regenerated before it was saved, extra entities may appear when it is regenerated. This may also occur when plotting the drawing since the drawing is always regenerated when plotted. It is good practice to always regenerate the drawing before saving it.

The drawing may also be retrieved using the menu selections #Drawing # Viewonly_Ret. This will retrieve the drawing in a View-Only mode. The drawing will not be regenerated when plotted in this mode.

Config option                  save_display        yes, no


Yes = Stores view geometry and detail items such as solid dimensions, and displays them when retrieving the drawing in view-only mode.

No = Does not display geometry and detail items in view-only mode.

You can change this setting at run time: choose utilities> environment, and then select or clear save display under default actions in the environment dialog box.