Setting Datum Layers after the Models are Created

Solution #1

Have you thought about creating a trial file or mapkeys?

The best for large quantities is a trail file.

1. Update the first part exactly how you want to see it. Do not use a mapkey,

Pick thru.

2. Go to you trail directory and Copy that trail file to a new name.

3. Open the trail file

4. Do NOT delete the first 3 lines (this is coded)

5. Delete every thing except from: File, Open to Window, Close

6. Copy these lines and paste below with no spaces.

7. Replace the Part name.

Try this for 2 parts then expand to more parts as you get the hang of it.

Doing trail files is a feather in your hat.

Solution #2

First off, the problem can be avoided going forward by changing our start part and placing "set datums" on a default layer.

Go to the top-level assembly and do it there. Pro will prompt to create a layer in a dependant part if you try and manipulate it from the top level.