Trail files help

I'm glad to see that some sent the environment variable setting out.

And using the .txa rename.

The problem with trail files is, that we are usually using them because pro has crashed and we need to get back all of the stuff we did when we forgot to save.

A trail file is created the minute that we open a session and records every single mouse click and keystroke (even the screw-ups).

When you need to run a trail file, copy the last revision file (unless you have restarted pro, then the second to last) to a new name. You can use .txt if you have the environment setting enabled.

If you have saved somewhere in the trail file, then the part/assembly/drawing that you will be starting with, is not the one that you started with at the beginning of the trail file. You can do 2 things

Move all files out of the working directory that were saved with the trail file to a safe location.

Or edit the trail file to only use everything after a save.(search for "save" in the trail file).

If you had multiple windows open at the edited location of the trail file, then these windows need to be open with the correct models.

The best way I have found, is to use #1 and start from the beginning. If something screws up, you still have the files in a safe location, and you can just recreate everything from there.

Don't forget to delete the last few lines in the trail file that caused Pro to crash in the first place, or you will be doing the above steps again.

Trail Files Troubleshooting

Bring up the trail file from your session that locked up in WordPad or ant text editor.

Rename the file (or use Save As) to a unique file name (i.e. Kyle.txt).

Scroll to the end of the file and select all of the text past the last successful "regenerate".

Use Edit - Delete to clear out those lines from the text.

If you hadn't regenerated at all in sketcher, delete the text after the last action that was successful.

Save the file. In Pro, make sure nothing is in memory, then

Utilities, Trail/Training File, pick your edited trail file and it will run through each step and stop, hopefully at the last step you performed before you crashed.

If it crashes again, it means you didn't edit out whatever part caused you to crash.

Then, I would try simplifying the sketched feature if it is very complex and create it as more than one feature to prevent it from crashing again, if you think the cause was that the feature that you were sketching was too complex.


To run a trail file and keep Pro/E from crashing set the following environment variable in the system settings:

In the Control Panel/System/Environment


Value = 1

Run the trail file again and Pro/E should stop running the trail file when it gets to the error. You should be able to save your work at this point and continue on.